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How To Get The Barbarian King Heroes MAX Level Clash of Clans [COC]


Cheat and Hack How To Get The Barbarian King Heroes MAX Level 40 Clash of Clans [COC] ?

The Barbarian King is the toughest and meanest barbarian in all the realm, whose appetite for Dark Elixir has caused him to grow to a giant size. He can attack enemy villages or guard your village. The Barbarian King is the most handsome man in Clash of Clans and he is the leader of all Barbarian junior. Why is he so huge? He love drinking Dark Elixir! You can bring him to every raid and use him as a guard for your village.


Offensive Strategy :

  • When attacking, he can be deployed just like any other unit. When he is damaged, he must sleep to recharge before he can be used again. The regeneration time is directly proportional to how much health he must recover. He may be instantly brought up to full health with Gems.
  • He is best used with Healer and Archer support. Barbarians are also excellent support troops because they will also be affected by his Iron Fist ability if they are nearby when it is activated (unlike the Archer Queen where she can’t affect Archers).
  • He is also good for helping to destroy the remaining buildings of a village after most or all defenses have been destroyed.
  • The Barbarian King can be easily swarmed by a group of Archers or Barbarians as he only attacks one target at a time and has slow attack speed.
  • If your army strategy uses Barbarians, try to use Iron Fist when there are some nearby. When they are close, activate your Iron Fist to make the most out of it.
  • As the Iron Fist ability recovers some health, you should let your Barbarian King take some damage before activating this ability to maximize the recovered health provided by activating the ability.

Defensive strategies :

  • If you place your Barbarian King outside the base, you shouldn’t let him guard the base because he won’t do too much, the enemies can take him out easily. Just let him sleep.
  • If you place him inside the base and near other defensive buildings, he can lure the enemy troops into your base and ruins the attack. There are plenty of base layouts use him as a trap.
  • You can kill him with just a Minion. He can’t attack air unit.
  • He can’t not be lured to the edge like Clan Castle troops. He will come back to the Altar of the enemy troops go too far.

I hope this small guide about Barbarian King can give you all important information about our handsome Hero for increasing the effective of not only your raids but also your defenses.

Summary :

  • The Barbarian King is basically a larger, more powerful Barbarian. He is automatically summoned once the Barbarian King Altar is constructed, which costs 10,000 Dark Elixir.
  • The Barbarian King is an immortal unit, so he only has to be summoned once. However, if he is injured or falls in battle, he must regenerate his health by sleeping for a period of time before he can be used again. If you attack a village while its Barbarian King is still regenerating, the Altar will be empty.
  • The amount of time he sleeps to regenerate is directly proportional to the health he has lost by the end of the battle. If he is not damaged (or is fully healed before the battle ends), then he is ready to fight immediately; however, if he falls in battle or is wounded, then he must sleep for some time to regenerate.
  • The more the Barbarian King is upgraded, the more time it will take to fully regenerate his health.
  • The Barbarian King sleeps during the time it takes to upgrade along with the normal costs (a free Builder, Dark Elixir and time).
  • You can temporarily quadruple the hero’s healing rate for 2 hours by spending 10 Gems.
  • The Barbarian King now only defends his territory around his platform and will retreat if lured too far out.
  • Starting at level 5, the Barbarian King obtains an ability called Iron Fist which can be used on the battlefield. It partially heals him, summons up to twenty additional Barbarians and grants the Barbarian King and any surrounding Barbarians increased damage and speed. This does not stack with the Rage Spell, and does not affect any other troops except the Barbarian King and nearby (friendly) Barbarians.



The Barbarian King is unlocked at town hall 7 for 10,000 Dark Elixir. His upgrade costs goes up 2,500 DE until level 7, where it increases to 5,000 per level. Adding together the the costs and we can find his cummulative Dark Elixir cost is 3,752,500.
To upgrade from level one to level two takes twelve hours. Each upgrade takes twelve hours longer up until level 15, where it caps at 7 days. The total upgrade time would therefore be 227 days and 12 hours.

Using the Gem Calculator on the Clash of Clans Wiki , it will take 106,406 gems to buy the Dark Elixir, or $769.89. However, add the cost of building time and the number goes up. 227 days and 12 hours of time takes up 28,195 gems and another $204.97.

Barbarian King Total Cost: $974.86.

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